Efficient work processes and remote assistance

Streamline your operations and empower your technicians with remote expert guidance, reducing costs and increasing repair efficiency.

Challenges & Benefits

Wideum’s assisted reality solutions help all players in the automotive industry to improve their workforce’s efficiency with remote assistance and easy-to-follow procedures.


When production stops due to machine failure, on-site technicians need immediate support to resume production. To mitigate unexpected failures and resume production, you can support them with a remote expert’s assistance immediately.


Field technicians do not always have the latest knowledge for machine installation, inspection and maintenance procedures. Remote collaboration tools allow them to learn and be guided by a remote expert, with documents, video or text messages.

Operational costs

Wideum’s solutions enable offsite supervisors to remotely view the plant or car workshop, which eliminates the need for costly travel and unproductive time. Complex car repairs or maintenance are made more efficient by live video conferencing and workflow procedures.

How we helped KUKA compete against local suppliers

Kuka has hundreds of robotics machines throughout Spain. When failures or damage happens, their service and maintenance personnel are required to travel to the sites in order to fix them. So that they enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction and remain competitive in the countries where they operate, Kuka must always provide their customers with very efficient technical service.

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How we helped TOI in Turnover improvement

TOI got in touch with one of our strategic partners in the Netherlands, in order to improve the training of technicians and auditors, and at the same time innovate with technology tools that would help them to be agile within the training process to increase their efficiency.

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How we helped Trèves with training and process improvement

Trèves has factories around the world and employs over 4,000 people. It needed to be able to connect immediately to its factories to resolve any corrective or predictive maintenance issues. However, the distance made it impossible to solve problems immediately, as they had to wait for the manager to arrive to solve the problem.

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How can we help?

The best support to your customers is to provide them with a field service that is empowered to solve their equipment issues and maintenance

A software solution that works on smart glasses, tablets, smartphones and PCs to share information between on-site operators and support departments. It effectively assists users carrying out difficult tasks and operations maintenance, having real-time data at hand, while keeping a close look at the situation, remotely.

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A video remote support software to be used on smart glasses that allows both the technician and the expert to communicate hands-free to perfectly solve any incident. All you need are two smart glasses before connecting to an expert on a video remote call to resolve any situation or for mentoring purposes.

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A step-by-step support software for the prevention of errors and that ensures full efficacy during any inspection, assembly or maintenance task. Your field technicians simply follow the instructions, previously designed on a PC, on their smart glasses, phones or tablets to get things done and increase their productivity.

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