Mining, Oil & Gas

Remote customer support for asset-heavy environments

Reduce downtime of expensive equipment at mining or oil & gas plants by following the correct steps for preventive maintenance, thereby obtaining the best results for your industry.

Digital Transformation in Mining, Oil & Gas

Reduce people’s physical exposure to risks, avoid unproductive time and travel costs, obtain direct savings and valuable information to speed up decision-making and increase efficiency.

Downtime avoidance

When production stops due to machine failure, on-site technicians need immediate support to resume their work. Your experts can provide assistance remotely to identify the exact issue and offer guidance to solve it.

Knowledge sharing

The availability of qualified technicians is going down and traveling offshore is quite difficult and complex. Because equipment on offshore drilling vessels or deep mines requires expert support, remote collaboration tools can allow small groups of centralized senior SMEs to mentor junior field technicians.

Legal compliance

Engineers must inspect the quality of work completed by all subcontractors through local technicians who can capture photos and video. They can also troubleshoot work issues and perform live inspections remotely, which then eliminates the need for costly travel or unproductive time.

How we have helped CEPSA improve their operations in hazardous areas

Remote Expertise is a complete tailor-made solution, designed by Wideum and Cepsa to empower field workers with innovative technology which improves their day-to-day activities, getting them ready for the future.

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The best support to your customers is to provide them with field service that is empowered to solve their equipment repair and maintenance issues

A software solution that works on smart glasses, tablets, smartphones and PCs to share information between on-site operators and support departments. It effectively assists users carrying out difficult tasks and operations maintenance, having real-time data at hand, while keeping a close look at the situation, remotely.

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A video remote support software to be used on smart glasses that allows both the technician and the expert to communicate hands-free to perfectly solve any incident. All you need are two smart glasses before connecting to an expert on a video remote call to resolve any situation or for mentoring purposes.

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A step-by-step support software for the prevention of errors and that ensures full efficacy during any inspection, assembly or maintenance task. Your field technicians simply follow the instructions, previously designed on a PC, on their smart glasses, phones or tablets to get things done and increase their productivity.

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