We care about your company, your productivity and your customers

We are with you and we help your company with the best remote assistance products and solutions that empower your technicians. In addition, they add value to your customer service and thus you can monetize your after-sales service.

We are always there for you: worldwide, any industry, with the best partners

+300 clients

+40 countries

+20 distributors

Wideum is

creating a future in which people are empowered thanks to our top-notch products and solutions.

We develop innovative and easy to use products for the digital empowerment of professionals. They are conceived to assist your workforce faster, safer and smarter in all environments.

You, your company and ideas are important to us, we listen to you and help to enhance your business with cutting-edge technology that lets us collaborate together.

We are global

Headquarters EU: Carrer d’Estruc, 9, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.
Telephone: +34 936 07 29 64

Headquarters US: 325 W Huron St, 711, Chicago, Illinois 60654, US
Telephone: +1 628 239 3062

Request more information: [email protected]
Technical support: [email protected]

Wideum software servicio remoto central España

Our values

Our purpose is to protect our clients’ productivity


We listen to what you have to say.


We work with optimism, because we tackle our challenges with the best attitude.


We cooperate with each other and with our users.


We innovate, we do not settle for what exists.


We are humble, it is necessary to listen and cooperate.


We are commited to our people, to society, to the planet and to you.


We are perfectionists, we seek excellence in our products, our service and in our relationship with our environment.