Remote assistance technology to improve asset productivity

Boost your technical service productivity with remote support software.

Workflow optimization for inspections and audits

Create your own digital workflow and procedures tailored to your particular needs.

Why Wideum?

Our proprietary software allows users to execute difficult tasks and operations maintenance with remote assistance thanks to information sharing between field service operators and support departments.


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Challenges & Benefits

Improve Equipment Downtime

Expensive equipment needs to be productive all the time. If it stops, the company suffers productivity losses like reduced output, less income and costly time having it repaired. Smart Glasses and mobile phones can provide better diagnosis, work traceability and direct connection with a distant expert that can help you overcome the situation.

Enhance Technical Staff Productivity

Connect to an expert with live video remote assistance to support you and fix any problem. Even if you're out of field service technicians or have trouble hiring more, Wideum's hands-free, cloud based quality solutions can be your team's most valuable asset.

Reduce Travel and Costs

Avoid travels: no more unnecessary travels. Remote agents and experts can virtually see a physical environment and provide guidance using on-screen annotations thereby reducing resolution time and costly travels.

Monetize After Sales Service

Remote video assistance can become a new source of income in the delivery of enhanced technical service to your customers. It will improve your competitiveness providing your global expertise to local customers.

Discover our products

A software solution that works on smart glasses, tablets, smartphones and PCs to share information between on-site operators and support departments.

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A video remote support software to be used on smart glasses that allows both the technician and the expert to communicate hands-free to perfectly solve any incident.

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A step-by-step support software for the prevention of errors and that ensures full efficacy during any inspection, assembly or maintenance task.

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