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    What will you receive?

    We will send to the email you provide us: The links to the websites and to the download of the apps, User and password and step by step instructions for the configuration.

    What do you need?

    Licenses will be available for all supported devices:

    • A computer(PC, MAC, Android) We recommend using Chrome, although you can try it on other browsers.
    • Android – IOs mobile device, or augmented reality glasses, you can consult the glasses we work with in the glasses section or in the instruction manual.
    • Internet connection

    It is very simple

    Our main concern is always to make your work as easy as possible. In this case we cannot perform the installation ourselves, but we have configured it to be very simple.

    In the email you will receive many installation options, we recommend you to use the link to
    the application that you will find together with the expert’s credentials.
    linked! You only need to have both applications active and you will be able to make calls.

    Download by clicking on this icon in the email.

    We will contact you to accompany you in the Process eye and Twin eye tests.

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