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Maximize your after-sales service with the best software products for industrial equipment remote support. Make a difference by offering a premium customer service, and monetise it.

Our main customers are international manufacturers of industrial machinery that want to offer better remote support to their customers as a differentiating advantage, and new source of revenue in their after-sales service.

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Our remote support programmes enhance your customer service and provide immediate help to them at any problem that may arise, causing a machine stoppage or a serious production incident. Make the communication between field engineers and the support department seamless, and make a profit.

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Remote assistance


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Our technology is here to help you minimize downtime and misdiagnosis so you get the most at every single moment and maximize your efficiency and profit.


See how Comexi can constantly improve and adapt new functionalities that provide a better service for their clients, resulting in an increase of 17% in the after-sales demand.


See how Keysight is using Remote eye as a complementary solution on top of their service and support contract, that helps to speed up the response to their customers’ requests.

TK Elevators

TK Elevators needed to refine their post-sales service and perform the maintenance service of its elevators remotely for the sake of improving customer service. Find out how they did it.


Bausch wanted to improve the quality of their customer service in order to have immediate assistance availability. In addition to this, they needed to improve the efficiency of their customer service department.


In 2020, celebrating this seminar was a challenge due to travel restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and Hardi had to look for alternative ways of making the annual event happen.


Ocado wanted its staff to be trained to perform service and maintenance tasks in all countries where they operate. Ocado’s commitment is to provide their teams with an excellent selection of tools which are reliable, efficient and easy to use.

Your success, our mission

Our technology is here to help you minimize downtime and misdiagnosis so you get the most at every single moment and maximize your efficiency and profit.

Monetize your after-sales service

Remote service as a new source of revenue


Focus on what is important

Reduce downtime

Rapid support from experts

Ensure work compliance

Process checking in inspections, maintenance and assembly

Save in errors

Prevent misdiagnosis & malfunctions

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Better diagnosis
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Time saved in troubleshooting​
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Execution efficiency improvement

What customers think about us

❝We have been getting smart glass software and hardware support from Wideum since 2018 till now.
This tool acts as a support accessory on top of our support contract that helps to speed up the response to our customer request.
Throughout the recent one year, there is also increasing demand from our internal organization that uses this glass for remote training and communication purposes.
We see a bright future in the business partnership with Wideum primarily because we are seeing product initiative improvement from the team and most importantly, the flexibility and fast responsiveness that keeps us engaged.❞

Adrian Cheong
Technical Product Manager

❝We have been using Wideum’s software in smart glasses since 2017.
Back then we only had the option to offer remote support to our clients by connecting our machines from PC to PC without real time images and videos.
With Wideum’s solutions we have diagnosed machinery failures much faster and offered a better and wider support to our clients that completely trust on these devices.
We can also provide remote trainings for our technicians all around the world, we save in travel costs for that in situ training in our headquarters.
With Wideum’s support we can constantly improve the software and adapt new functionalities that along with the hardware result in great benefits for our clients, that is a rise of 17% in the after-sales services demand.❞

Esteve Roura
Service Technical Director