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Audit and Inspection

Accurate audits, remote or on-site

Remote audit and inspection is used for many instances, like quality and inventory audits, safety inspections or for warehousing. Enable your staff to audit remotely or offline, on-site, and improve accuracy and productivity, while eliminating costly travel time.

Visual remote audit and inspection

Fully traceable inspections and compliance monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

Hands-free virtual inspections to bridge the knowledge gap.

Site inspections

Local, on-site inspectors can connect with other remote experts in real-time, share photos, video and document events. It uses our Artificial Intelligence engine with image recognition to verify the correct execution of the most critical steps of a task.

Knowledge Transfer

Field technicians do not always have the latest knowledge for machine installation, inspection and maintenance procedures. Remote collaboration tools allow them to address their issues with an expert using the documents, video or text messages provided.

Operational costs

Wideum’s solutions enable offsite supervisors to remotely view the site from a local workers’ perspective, which eliminates the need for costly travel and unproductive time. This means having more efficient and profitable resources at your disposal.

How we helped TKE Improve internal Audits

TK Elevator contacted Wideum through a consultancy in order to evaluate the use of the remote assistance platform so as to improve their internal audit.

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How we helped Hardi with their Virtual Product Demonstrations

In 2020, celebrating this seminar was a challenge due to travel restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and Hardi had to look for alternative ways of making the annual event happen.

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How we helped TOI in Turnover improvement

TOI got in touch with one of our strategic partners in the Netherlands, in order to improve the training of technicians and auditors, and at the same time innovate with technology tools that would help them to be agile within the training process to increase their efficiency.

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How we have helped CEPSA improve their operations in hazardous areas

Remote Expertise is a complete tailor-made solution, designed by Wideum and Cepsa to empower field workers with innovative technology which improves their day-to-day activities, getting them ready for the future.

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Discover how Remote eye helped DanBred meet stringent biosecurity requirements

DanBred, a global biotechnology company based in Denmark, has deployed Remote eye assisted reality for the remote inspection of pig herds. The technology deployment helps DanBred meet stringent biosecurity requirements while reducing the amount of travel conducted by its employees and customers, thus, contributing to lowering carbon emissions.

Discover how Wideum helped Syngenta in crop surveillance and plague control

Syngenta video remote assistance
Syngenta implemented a full solution with Realwear Headsets (or smart glasses) and Remote Eye. When their teams can’t travel to remote lands and sites, they used joint technology in order to train and empower all their local farmers to counter threats in crop protection and maintenance tasks.

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How can we help?

The best support for your customers is to provide them with a field service team that is trained to solve their equipment and maintenance problems.

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Remote video support software with AI and AR to connect on-site technicians with support departments, running on PCs, mobiles, tablets and smart glasses.

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A remote video assistance software used in smart glasses that allows both the technician and the expert to communicate hands-free to perfectly solve any incident.

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Step-by-step guidance software with AI and AR for error prevention ensures full traceability during any inspection, assembly or maintenance task.

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At Mapfre Global Risks we carry out risk inspections without geographical barriers, bringing places as far away as a metallurgical plant in Malaysia, a fertilizer plant in the Atacama Desert or a refinery in Mexico or the United States closer to the MAPFRE building where the engineer carries out his activity. . This is made possible by a recent alliance with Wideum, a technology company that develops solutions based on assisted and augmented reality in more than 40 countries.

Eduardo García Mozos

Director of the Engineering Area of ​​MAPFRE Global Risks

The smart glasses with Remote Eye software allow connection with an expert, who can see in real time what the mechanic is observing through the glasses. This facilitates two-way communication between the expert, who is in front of his computer, and the technician, who is diagnosing the unit on the machine. Through this technology we can offer our customers much more efficient repairs and our technicians much more direct advice from the central office.

Juan Pablo Almagro

Product specialist and trainer