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    About the webinar

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    Presentations on innovative technologies:
    Get to know EPSON IBERICA and their revolutionary Moverio BT45CS.
    Explore the exciting Wideum software solutions: Remote Eye and Process Eye.
    Gain valuable insights from the COMEXI GROUP expert about the positive environmental impact generated by implementing software and hardware solutions.

    About Comexi

    Founded in 1954, COMEXI was developed to offer solutions for the flexible packaging sector
    The way we do it is through our commitment to being an international leader in design, production and marketing of equipment goods, products and services.

    About Epson

    Epson is a global technological leader whose efficient, compact and precise innovation philosophy improves people’s quality of life and helps create a better world. The company focuses on solving social problems through innovation in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, as well as manufacturing, visual communication and lifestyle. Epson’s goal is to have a negative carbon footprint and be free of exhaustible underground resources – such as oil and metal – in 2050.

    About Wideum

    Wideum is a remote service technology company, innovating in applications for smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.
    Our software allows users to execute difficult tasks and operation maintenance with remote assistance, thanks to information sharing between field service operators and support departments.

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