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Vuzix smart glasses

Discover Vuzix smart glasses

Explore the full range of best-in-class smart glasses by Vuzix. Whether you’re in the warehouse or the operating room, our solutions help make you better at what you do.

Discover Vuzix

Vuzix is an optical technology company which specializes in making AR solutions. Traditional reflective/refractive optics when applied to smart glasses create bulky, occluded, heavy to wear devices. A new lightweight and see-through optic solution was needed to enable the industry’s future. Packing well over 200 optical system patents, Vuzix has invested heavily in next generation optics and are proudly recognized as one of the world leaders in waveguide optical technology.

Vuzix products are highly configurable, and Wideum does custom configurations for clients.

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Why Vuzix?

Vuzix's industrial strength, assisted reality, wearable solutions empower the modern industrial worker to be more efficient and perform work tasks with more safety, precision and access to real-time information and expertise.

Full-Shift, Hands-Free Use

Work comfortably all day and easily swap your battery without losing a minute on the job.

Revolutionary Modular Design

Enables on-the-job agility and adaptability to support even more uses.

Enhanced Remote Collaboration

Improves productivity, saves travel costs and reduces equipment downtime.

Secure, Seamless Deployment with
 Wideum apps

When used with Remote eye or Twin eye, the smart glasses reduce time to get up and running.



Time saved in troubleshooting​


hours saved




Better diagnosis

Easy setup and configuration

See how easy it is to set up your smart glasses and start using Wideum’s remote support software to improve your customer service.

Vuzix M4000 Unboxing

One of the most important barriers for the adoption of smart glasses as a productivity tool is fear of complexity. In our new series of “unboxing” videos, we show you how simple it is to get started with the top leading brands. Vuzix M4000 is our first guest. Watch it in German, French, Spanish, English and Italian in our youtube cannel.

Remote eye by Wideum

In this brief animated tutorial you can learn Remote eye's features and benefits in less than one minute. Take a look at the powerful functionality that Remote eye provides in conjunction with smart glasses or mobile phones. Meet Kenny, from Austin, TX, and witness how he shares his expert eye to Yew Jia Bing in Kuala Lumpur to restore operations in a running packaging plant.
"Wideum is our technology partner, thanks to their excellent product innovation and most importantly, their flexibility to adapt the solution to our requirements, fast responsiveness and continuous support.”

Javier Arce

Strategic Alliances and Innovation

"We believe in a bright future for remote service technology, especially for companies like Cepsa for which safety is the cornerstone of their operations, and for which, until very recently, there was no technology in the market that would allow to perform this kind of activities at our industrial facilities. Thanks to Remote Expertise now it is possible".

Javier Arce

Strategic Alliances and Innovation