What are the top 10 benefits of implementing Remote Assistance?

The ideal dream of every company is to avoid the dreaded stoppages of its own operations or those of its customers; this can often generate cost overruns that significantly impact the business or, even more frightening, generate a bad customer experience that can lead to its loss.

In these situations the objective is to reduce, as much as possible, the response time and solution to the problem; in some cases this solution involves moving the expert technical team or even sending spare parts that do not necessarily solve the problem. The actions can achieve the objective in time and cost, but what happens if the distance between the operations and the location of the expert team are distant by thousands of kilometers; in this case there is NO other solution than waiting…

A viable solution is to implement a remote video assistance software in your business that allows you to immediately connect the field technicians with the experts; to evaluate the problem and provide solution options in the shortest possible time. The benefits are numerous but here are the top 10 to consider implementing it:

1. Technical troubleshooting: Remote video assistance allows your technicians or experts to diagnose and solve technical problems, speeding up the equipment repair process.

2. Time and cost savings: Avoid unnecessary travel by experts to provide solutions or answer queries remotely.

Improved customer service: With remote video assistance, you can provide agile and effective support to your customers, which improves satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

4. Increases the efficiency of your team: Remote video assistance allows real-time communication with your team and customers, streamlining processes and facilitating decision making.

5. Agile access to experts: the connection with specialists is agile and independent of their geographic location. This helps solve complex problems faster and more effectively.

6.  Increased geographic reach: you can connect with customers anywhere in the world and expand your market and business.

7. Training and qualification: Optimize the time and cost of training sessions for your employees and customers. 

8. Improved Team Engagement: Holding meetings with the team regardless of their location, facilitates collaboration and sense of belonging to the company.

9. Commitment to environmental care: By reducing unnecessary travel you reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which contributes to sustainability and environmental care. 

10. Adaptability of the team: remote assistance is a resource that helps you maintain your business in uncontrollable situations such as natural disasters or pandemics. Adaptability and preparedness will mark the success of your business.Remote assistance can be applicable to different industrial sectors, but to achieve a profitable implementation it is vital to select the right remote assistance software that is adaptable to your business operations and that allows your technical team to perform the tasks easily, efficiently, intuitively and in the shortest possible time. Attending the above mentioned requirements Wideum has developed 3 remote assistance software called Remote eye, Process eye and Twin eye; applicable to different tasks in different operational fields and whose main competitive advantage is the security and ease of use.

Remote video support software with AI and AR to connect on-site technicians with support departments, running on PCs, mobiles, tablets and smart glasses.

A remote video assistance software used in smart glasses that allows both the technician and the expert to communicate hands-free to perfectly solve any incident.

Step-by-step guidance software with AI and AR for error prevention ensures full traceability during any inspection, assembly or maintenance task.

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