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New Remote eye functionality solves language limitations: live voice translator

Remote assistance is a tool that continues to gain more relevance when companies bet on implementing technologies that allow them to improve and optimize their processes; the benefits obtained exceed expectations and generate interest from new users from different industries around the world to use our remote assistance software, Remote eye.

Faced with this challenging scenario, Wideum has implemented a new functionality to Remote eye that consists of a live voice translator with subtitles and in real time between experts and field technicians.

And how does it work?

Using Artificial Intelligence throughout the process, our software captures the source language audio (+44 languages available), processes it with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies and sends it to a machine translation system that converts the source language to a target language. The source text is presented to the user via the display screen in the form of subtitles.

With this new disruptive functionality, we eliminate language barriers and offer several significant advantages in various industries and situations:

1) Real-time connection: The new functionality will allow real-time communication between an expert and a field technician independent of the language of each participant; to initiate communication it is only necessary for each participant to select their native language and the language to be translated in the Remote eye application.

2) Voice recognition: Once the native language is selected, every time a participant speaks, his/her voice will be automatically translated into text by the voice recognition software in real time and in the chosen language. The translated text is generated as real-time subtitles and displayed on the field technician’s screen.

3) Two-way communication: The function allows both experts and field technicians to speak and listen to the message in real time and in the selected language, enabling a smooth two-way conversation. This is especially useful in critical situations where accuracy in communication is essential.

In summary, Remote eye’s new real-time, live, captioned voice translation functionality is a tool that transforms the way organizations collaborate and solve problems; eliminating language barriers and facilitating effective real-time communication improves efficiency, work quality and safety in a variety of industries around the world.

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