Remote assistance from Wideum powers MAQcenter / Okuma installation

Remote assistance in the installation of CNC machinery in the metal working industry.

How do you install a double column turning center from Okuma at a customer in the quickest and most reliable way?

The collaboration between MAQcenter, Okuma and Wideum produced a best practice case study in the installation of a large-capacity machine in record time.

Okuma’s VTR-160A is a double column turning center that provides state-of-the-art machining with high rigidity and thermal stability for close-tolerance machining.

MAQcenter, a leading total solutions provider in manufacturing and machining processes in Spain needed to deploy a seamless installation of Okuma’s CNC machine for a customer in the Basque Country, Spain (HARRI Industrial, a manufacturer of large metal parts for wind, aerospace and automotive industries).

The real challenge was to set up the machine in order to have it up and running in the shortest possible time, with technical installation service specialists that were based in Japan or Germany, who couldn’t travel and who needed to support the installation on site.

The solution provided by MAQcenter to their customer, in combination with Remote Eye’s solution was the real time availability of three highly skilled technicians from Germany, Valencia and Barcelona, enabled with smart glasses and Ipads.

The machine was installed in six weeks and the short set up time provided additional cost savings and productivity for the customer.

This case study tries to illustrate with a simple example how smart glasses can improve installation times, quality, and team performance – leading to significantly higher productivity of the purchased asset.

Beyond the obvious benefits of labor cost savings and productivity increases, remote assistance solutions like Remote Eye® also enable other very significant benefits, such as:

• Improved safety through hands-free operation and quick access to safety procedures

• Scrap materials reduction (beyond the lost capacity due to scrap)

• Rework cost reduction (offline rework)

• Inspection cost reduction, as remote service through smart glasses or mobile phones can help improve the speed and quality of inspection activities

• Maintenance and repair cost reduction

Wideum: Remote assistance innovation and collaboration at the service of the business.

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