ASTICAN: more connected, better informed and more efficent

Astilleros Canarios S.A.(ASTICAN ) is a privately owned ship repair yard with well experienced staff, and whose main activity is the repair, maintenance, and conversion of all types of vessel, structures, marine renewable energy devices and offshore units. Its modern installations, particularly its dry-docking system, a versatile Syncrolift platform with a lifting capacity for vessels up to 36,000 DWT and 7 dry-docking lanes respond to the quality and service that shipowners demand and allows attendance at very short notice.


ASTICAN works hand in hand with new technology provided by Wideum, offering customers a virtual tool compatible with any device with which remote technical assistance can be provided through assisted reality and live video to support diagnosis. With this tool it is possible for an expert – and remote – technician to help a technician on the field and work closely, being able to access information on machinery, procedures, manuals, check lists, etc., solving problems in real time.

Customized Remote Assistance solution

ASTICAN REASY, the Remote Assistance System that allows customers and service engineers to get immediate access to the place where Astican technicians, equipped with a RealWear headset (or smart glasses) can record video or take photographs, and be guided to perform maintenance operations, guaranteeing connectivity even in tanks, bilges or engine rooms.


Thanks to Wideum and RealWear, this new process of work improves processes with technical requirements, helping to reduce downtime, decision-making and expensive travel.