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Intrinsically safe operational efficiency and cost reduction

Remote Expertise is a full stack solution made of hardware, software and customized procedures for CEPSA´s field workers..

Now your company can also take advantage of its benefits

The challenge

Cepsa´s challenge was to enable remote visits and technical assistance to their worldwide facilities while complying with Health, Safety and Environment regulations. By means of intrinsically safe devices, Cepsa has been able to reduce people’s physical exposure to potential risks, avoid unproductive time and costs in travels, obtain direct savings and firsthand valuable information to speed up the decision-making process and increase their operations’ efficiency.


What is an Intrinsically Safe device?

Intrinsically safe electronics allow for safe operation in hazardous areas by limiting the electrical or thermal energy available for ignition.

Cepsa is a global energy company based in Spain and with presence across the five continents. With more than 10,000 professionals, it operates across the entire oil and gas value chain (upstream & downstream), as well on chemical business and energy generation, among others. Cepsa is committed to energy as a source of progress; they are working hard to find new ways to use it, constantly innovating to offer you the best services in a more sustainable way.


Custom made for particular needs

Remote Expertise is a complete tailor-made solution, designed by Wideum and Cepsa to empower field workers with innovative technology which improves their day-to-day activities and getting them ready for the future.

Now the solution is open and available to everyone who wants to safely enjoy all its benefits with a positive direct impact on your company’s income statement.


Our solution is made of three key elements that allow full communication between field technicians and remote support departments to improve efficiency in site inspections with remote support glasses or intrinsically safe mobiles.

You can also make use of a step-by-step workflow for inspection and assembly and create your own procedure based on your needs.

Group 12

Remote Expertise is a customized design of Remote eye.

It takes full advantage of the Intrinsically Safe Devices by placing the management of the information on the remote expert’s side, freeing the field technician to concentrate on the task at hand and adaptable to your company’s specific needs.


Always using the most advanced and reliable technology today the Real Wear smartglasses HMT-1Z1 and a wireless connectivity device. Both intrinsically safe.

Using smart glasses versus a handheld device improves the safety conditions for field workers and increases their mobility during a remote visit. Remote Expertise can also be installed on other intrinsically safe devices like smartphones.


Wideum adds value in the customization of the tasks workflows, including the change management process in the use of the whole solution with trainings, tests and continuous support. 

Also, based on the customer’s key expertise and needs, a tailored procedure is developed to adapt Remote Expertise as much as possible to your company’s activities.

Industries where Remote Expertise can be used

Oil, Gas and Mining
Industrial equipment manufacturers
Naval Industry
Energy and Utilities
Construction & Engineering


Remote expertise can be used for multiple applications in hazardous areas to help you maximize your efficiency and profit.

Remote assistance

Equipment set up, technical assistance and on site training for own staff.

Warehouse & Logistics

Stock management, audits and workflow procedures for supply chain departments.

Purchasing efficiency

Tendering, RFPs and bidding processes with suppliers to improve their engagement.

Insurance claims

Remote assessments for the Insurance and Claims Department and invite the Insurance company's experts to perform those visits virtually.

Equipment commissioning

Engineering projects at estimation/capex phase. Remote commissioning of projects and equipment (i.e: pumps). Engineering project´s follow up.

Health & Safety

Risk inspections.
Site safety and emergency drills surveillance.
Safety and security audits.

Benefits of using Remote Expertise

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Travel reduction
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Improve operation´s efficiency
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Improved coordination
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Safety increase
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Faster decisions

What customers think about us

“We believe in a bright future for remote service technology, especially for companies like Cepsa for which safety is the cornerstone of their operations, and for which, until very recently, there was no technology in the market that would allow to perform this kind of activities at our industrial facilities. Thanks to Remote Expertise now it is possible. 

In Cepsa, there is an increasing demand to use of remote communications, preventing physical visits to our facilities as much as possible. Considering that we have presence in many countries, Remote Expertise is making us more efficient and resilient adapting to paradigm shifts, while becoming a more sustainable company. 

For this journey, Wideum is our technology partner, thanks to their excellent product innovation and most importantly, their flexibility to adapt the solution to our requirements, fast responsiveness and continuous support.”

Javier Arce
Strategic Alliances and Innovation


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