Case study: developing a new support service in pharma packaging

Wideum had the opportunity to interview one of our main customers in pharma packaging.

Who is Bausch Advanced Technologies and what are you doing?

BAUSCH Advanced Technologies, Inc. is located in Clinton, Connecticut (USA) and is a part of BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group. We are a pharmaceutical packaging machinery company that offers sales, design, manufacturing, service, and more for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We specialize in equipment and service with the primary function of filling, sterilizing, closing, and inspecting of IV bags, syringes, ampules, and vials. 

What was the issue/ challenge at hand that needed to be solved? We wanted to offer our customers a new support service. 

How did Remote Eye/ Wideum solve this problem? 

The remote assistance software by Remote Eye/Wideum provided a tailor-made solution that we could offer to our customers. We can troubleshoot our machines in the field with ease and speed, have the potential for reduced service travel costs, and provide a faster response time to our customers. 

What was the biggest hurdle implementing this solution? 

While the technology was unfamiliar, Remote Eye/Wideum provided training for an easy transition with our customers. We also created internal procedures to incorporate the remote assistance solution into our service experience, so that our employees would be comfortable using the new technology. 

Why did you decide for Wideum and Remote Eye? 

The communication with Wideum was easy and fast. They also ensure that the customization feature of the remote assistance software met our expectations and requirements. 

What features did you like the most? 

Video recording and live drawing mode are two our most used and vital features. 

Would you recommend Wideum and our solutions? 

Yes, we would recommend Remote Eye/Wideum and the remote assistance software. We are very satisfied with the result and service we can provide our customers. 

– Markus Rink, Technical Director at BAUSCH Advanced Technologies, Inc.