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Inspect and maintain your equipment with
remote support and traceable procedures

Our products offer you solutions for the naval industry for inspection, maintenance or assembly work whether it is a step-by-step procedure or you need remote support.

Create a new source of revenue from your after-sales service with a service for your customers to cover all their needs.

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Our software allows full remote communication between field technicians and support departments to prevent malfunctions and maintain equipment and facilities. You can also establish your own step-by-step workflow for prevention and assembly.

Use our products to profit from an innovative customer service for all your clients.

Remote assistance


Remote assistance


Workflow solution


Discover how we have helped ASTICAN maximize their efficiency at their shipyards

ASTICAN REASY, the Remote Assistance System that allows customers and service engineers to get immediate access to the place where Astican technicians, equipped with a RealWear headset (or smart glasses) can be guided to perform maintenance operations.

Your success, our mission

Thanks to our technology, we help you to maximize your efficiency and profit, while minimizing downtime and misdiagnosis. We want you to get the most at every single situation.

Ensure work compliance

Process checking in inspections, maintenance and assembly


Focus on what is important

Reduce downtime

Rapid support from experts

Save in errors

Prevent misdiagnosis & malfunctions

Full traceability

Get evidence of your work

Reduce re-work and waste

Less errors and process repetition

Benefits in numbers​

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Better diagnosis
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Time saved in troubleshooting​
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Execution efficiency improvement

What customers think about us

❝We have implemented Remote Eye as a mobile app for our customers to use on their phones and get technical assistance from our experts on-site. It is an effective and easy to use system, great to ensure the diagnosis and to support remotely in troubleshooting. This new tool gives us a great opportunity to minimize ship downtime when a technician is not always available to travel, in the maritime sector low systems downtime is vital.❞

Marius Suteu
Head of Sales and Product Director