Remote support &
traceable workflows solutions

We are software developers and hardware vendors.

We help our costumers to boost their productivity

Your success, our mission

We help our costumers to boost their productivity with hardware and remote support software and step-by-step workflows.

Our technology is here to help you minimize downtime and misdiagnosis so you get the most at every single moment and maximize your efficiency and profit.

Increase productivity

Quicker help, faster solutions

Avoid travel

No more unnecessary travel

Reduce downtime

Rapid support from experts

Monetize your after-sales service

Remote service as a new source of revenue

Save money

Prevent wrong diagnosis & malfunctions

Full traceability

Get evidence of your work

Remote support and work compliance software

We keep an Eye on you

We help you to boost your productivity with remote support software and step-by-step workflows. Our products allow full communication between field technicians and experts, and grant efficiency in inspections, maintenance and assembly tasks.

Remote Eye

– Live video remote assistance software

– Connect to a technician online

– Receive support on smart glasses, tablets and phones

– Give support from computers, tablets and phones

Twin Eye

– Live video remote support software

– See-what-I-see

– Work only using smart glasses

– 100% hands-free to focus on what is important

Process Eye

– Step-by-step workflow

– Ensure maintenance and inspection routines

– Create your own procedures

– Compatible with smart glasses and phones


The benefits of working with Wideum

You can choose between buying or renting smart glasses with our software installed, or choose only the software.

Our technical support helps you to know how to use our products and glasses in your company.
Because we care for your business and help you to focus on what really matters. 
Low data mode

Data reduction in case of poor connection

Security and privacy

Encrypted communication to provide a secure environment

Seamless communication with China

The best connection with Chinese suppliers and customers

Industries where you can find us

Industrial equipment manufacturers
Oil, Gas and Mining
Naval Industry
Energy and Utilities
Construction & Engineering

We are Value Added Resellers

Leading manufacturers of smart glasses rely on us:

We offer you a great range of smart glasses from the main manufacturers worldwide.

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